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When it is determined that a land survey is needed, only a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, is legally permitted to survey the land in North Carolina. 

Every Professional Land Surveyor  MUST  follow the requirements listed in the “Standards of Practice for Land Surveying in North Carolina.” The State Board publishes these standards and the Professional Land Surveyor you hire can provide a copy upon request. The Standards of Practice lists everything the land surveyor MUST do during a survey and what MUST appear on the final survey map. 
It is best to select a Professional Land Surveyor by qualifications. A well-qualified land surveyor will take the time to ask you about your needs for the survey. The surveyor will then explain what is required to complete your survey, and will answer all of your questions in a helpful manner so that you understand the process. 

The Professional Land Surveyor constantly updates field equipment and office computers in order to provide you with the best service. 
The Professional Land Surveyor’s fee will include the time to search for deeds or court records, locate the physical boundary evidence at the property, make the necessary computations to check the boundary, place appropriate markers on the property, and prepare the survey map. 
The cost of the survey will vary because of missing corner evidence, disputed boundary lines, rough terrain, heavy underbrush, poor land descriptions in the deeds, and travel time to and from the property. 
Because of these varying conditions, it is difficult for the Professional Land Surveyor to predict an exact cost. The same conditions and the number of jobs pending will affect when your survey can be completed. This time can vary from days to months. 

                                                        ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
A survey is a highly technical and complex service utilizing the art of measuring, mathematics, and the proper interpretation of real property law. 
A Title Insurance policy is generally issued when property is purchased. This covers: the title of the property, protecting the owner; or the loan, protecting the lender. It can also cover the survey if specified. Discuss the provisions of title insurance with your lawyer. 
The Professional Land Surveyor can survey your land ONLY according to the deeds and other available information. The location of the boundary lines marked by the surveyor is ONLY a professional opinion based on the evidence found in the records and on the ground. However, the accuracy by which the Professional Land Surveyor accomplishes this service is backed by his professional integrity. 
In today’s business world, lawyers, engineers, and architects rely heavily on the Professional Land Surveyor’s integrity and accuracy. 
In the case of litigation, the Professional Land Surveyor will appear in court as an expert witness. The surveyor’s testimony is accepted by the court as professional evidence.